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Intelys Telecom is the leading managed network services provider in Africa, providing round the clock network management and support to companies of all sizes across the UK, Europe and the African continent.

Data Centres

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Managed solutions for a constantly evolving world.

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Intelys Telecom works with you to transform your network

Our team of skilled engineers will help you take back control of your network, and your business’ digital transformation. How? By helping your organisation transition from a legacy network like MPLS – which is highly localised, and static with limited reach – to a secure cloud-ready network allowing for maximum performance and availability. We do this through the deployment of Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), LAN and Security managed services, backed by our enhanced network analytics.

The result? You’ll enjoy an improved end user experience and secure access to your cloud applications, as we simplify the management of your enterprise network throughout across the continent.
We’ll drive your network transformation
Transition from a legacy network like MPLS – which is highly localised, offers limited reach, and incurs additional costs when scaling – to a cloud-ready network allowing for enhanced performance. SD-WAN is the platform that leads enterprise edge transformation — the next frontier of IT transformation.
Your vendor agnostic network partner
At Intelys Telecom we take the time to understand your business needs, and our vendor agnostic approach ensures that we are able to take into account your existing investments when designing a solution to address your pain points.
Develop a scalable, future-fit network
From vendor selection to design, implementation and support, Intelys Telecom partners with you to ensure that your network is able to change and evolve along with your organisation’s requirements.

Our ROI tool outlines costs and benefits

Because we understand the importance of demonstrating a measurable ROI to business, our approach includes a network assessment and delivers a detailed business case to motivate and justify the technology investment. With this in mind, we have developed our own tool which demonstrates the ROI for the transition to an SD-WAN network, comparing actual current costs (i.e. MPLS) against Hybrid-WAN and SD-WAN options over a five-year period.

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