How can your networking strategy better support your business? This is the key question that informs our approach to managing and supporting your network environment.

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Our Approach

We align your IT- and business strategies

We position ourselves as an extension of your networking team, and as your managed networking partner our aim is to gain an in-depth understanding of your business challenges so that we can ensure that your network is optimally designed to support your key objectives.  Our vendor agnostic approach ensures that we are able to take into account your existing investments when designing a solution to address your pain points. This is typically done via a discovery workshop which is run by one of our skilled Enterprise architects.

Our Tools

Our ROI tool outlines costs and benefits

Because we understand the importance of a demonstrable and measurable ROI, our process further includes an assessment of potential projects, as well as building a solid business case which motivates and justifies investment. With this in mind, we have developed our own tool which demonstrates the ROI for the transition to an SD-WAN network, comparing actual current costs (i.e. MPLS) against Hybrid-WAN and SD-WAN options over a five-year period. These projections are based on forecasted bandwidth demand, combined with predictions around the decreasing cost of bandwidth as a percentage. The tool helps clients determine:

  • Total bandwidth on the network
  • Effective cost per Mbps
  • Total monthly costs
  • Payback period for Capex investments
  • Total savings over the period

Start your transition to SD-WAN now with a free feasibility assessment and ROI calculation.

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