Flexibility, visibility and control for your network.

Your network is working harder than ever before

  • Explosive growth in real-time applications
  • Distributed workforces
  • The exponential growth of cloud computing
Can your infrastructure keep up?
The problem is that these trends combine to make network management more complex and challenging than ever before.

Without a reliable network infrastructure, your company’s productivity is at risk. Against this backdrop, it’s easy to see why many organisations are turning to intelligent wide area networks and cloud access networks (like Microsoft virtual WAN), relying on the intelligence and automation that these networks deliver to ensure the continued availability of their applications.
SD-WAN is crucial to developing intelligent networks
Think of it as the next generation of WAN solutions, accelerating application services while promising fully integrated security to ensure your enterprise the ultimate user experience. We achieve this by leveraging the industry’s leading global SD-WAN platforms, so that your WAN is transformed by optimising MPLS, Internet or a hybrid WAN network.
We construct the network around your business’ needs
The network construct is driven by you and your business’ specific requirements around performance and reliability. Our SD-WAN Service Portfolio is transport-independent and can be delivered using a blend of multiple access technologies, including Ethernet, Internet, broadband, fixed wireless and 4G/LTE to create an aggregated networking solution that is best suited to your business. Alternatively, leverage your own network connectivity and simply utilise our managed SD-WAN services to manage the overlay, giving you flexibility as well as complete visibility and control of the network.
Our partnerships mean you get the best service, always
Our partnerships with ISPs and network providers across Africa ensure that we are able to deliver the very best combination of speed, resilience and performance at the best available price to each of your branch sites.

Future-proofed and cloud ready

Ultimately, SD-WAN offers greater flexibility, visibility and control over your network while lowering costs and, most importantly, ensuring that your WAN is future-proofed and cloud ready.

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